We are proud to offer South Carolina Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes.

Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® is a service project or fundraiser run by volunteers who want to offer their children the opportunity to shop for gifts for loved ones in the safe "Non-Commercial" atmosphere of their own school.  The program gives Children an opportunity to shop for kid priced merchandise for mom, dad and the rest of the family . . . and then watch the smiles of their loved ones as the gift they selected for them is opened.  


There is no longer a need to do business with a supplier in another state that you never get to see, deal with customer service operators you can only reach during limited business hours, or someone who does nothing more to help you than ship merchandise and let you figure out the rest for yourself.  We are right here in South Carolina and committed to serving our state the best.

(If you are located outside of South Carolina, please call us to discuss your options.)  

The Kids' Korner ® Gift Shoppe program provides students with a real life learning opportunity. Students learn how to budget their money while they shop for gifts for Mom, Dad and other members of the family. All in the safe and non-commercial atmosphere of their own school.

Educational experience that also teaches the joy of giving while

making memories that last a lifetime.  


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Teaching Children The Joy Of Giving
Teaching Children The Joy Of Giving

All Gifts

.25 - $5.00

Higher priced items are available upon request. 

EZ Inventory OR No Count Program - The choice is YOURS. Your group decides which program to run.

Contact us today to

receive a



Office & Warehouse located in SC

Extra 10% Bonus available - Ask how your group can earn an EXTRA 10% on your shop.

Plus Early Signing Bonues are available - The earlier you sign - the bigger the bonus!

No Risk Program!

Only pay for what you sell!

Set your own prices - We provide the cost of each item to you and you decide how much to sell it for at your school.

High quality Merchandise - We believe our quality is the best in the industry and we are willing to prove it by providing you a FREE sample box!

Free Supplies - Color Parent Letters, Gift Envelopes, Tablecloths, Use of Cash Register, Gift Bags, Advertising Banners and Posters plus Decorative Inflatables! You just provide volunteers!

Personal Service in SC - We will personally deliver your products and answer any questions you have. We are available before, during and after your sale!

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